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Holiday Hits

As much as I dream about winter coats at this time of year, truth be told is that after singlets and tights, the thing I find most useful is long sleeved t-shirts. 

There’s so many basic t-shirt patterns around that it can be difficult trying to decide which one to make.  But I love me a raglan sleeve, and the gathers on Burda Style 01/2014 #122 are a lovely detail that make the pattern a little more interesting than your average t-shirt pattern.


The body of this is a super-stretchy remnant that’s been hanging out in the stash for a few years, and the sleeves are from some fabric I picked up at the Clear It Outlet on Brunswick St.  It may look like your run-of-the-mill black jersey, but the wrong side looks like it’s been brushed and is so snuggly!  After spending a couple of days working with it though, I felt like I’d surfaced from a week in the coal mine- black fluff up the nose, under the finger nails, in the ears, not to mention that the entire apartment was covered in a not-so-light blanket of black dust! Ick!


Back to the pattern though.  For once the instructions were easy to follow- this is the feature pattern in this issue that comes with the detailed instructions.  I do wish Burda Style would include the more complex patterns in this section though, rather than the easy ones!  The only thing I did differently was to make long cuffs rather than turning the hem under & twin needling. Next time I’ll also shorten the neck binding as it’s gaping a little bit at the back:


Quick multiple choice:

If this was you, would you

A)     Unpick, cut a shorter binding and re-do

B)      Leave as is but make note for next time

I was originally planning on option A but seriously, who enjoys unpicking knits, especially in black?  Life’s too short, so… no thanks!

This t-shirt has been finished for some time & is already one of my ‘go to’s’.  And you may (or may not) be interested to know that it makes an excellent maternity top.  I don’t have any photographic evidence but it looked smashing on my friend Annie (who was 6 months pregnant at the time)- perfect amount of gathers and much appreciated longer length.

I’ve mostly (alright, exclusively) been wearing this with my most recent version of the Jalie Drop Pocket Cardigan


This time I rounded the pocket corners and I also went down a size from my first version and it’s now the perfect size!  It’s made in the same fabric as the sleeves of the t-shirt as is unbelievably warm for an open cardigan.

These have been brilliant additions to my holiday wardrobe- I’m not really one to glam it up while I’m away & these have been so useful. They’re definitely not those items that return home unworn that leave you wondering why you packed them!